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Split & Flexible
Gather up those loose wires, under the
desk or under the hood, with this easy-
to-cut black plastic split flex tubing that
snaps closed for better protection.
Temperature range is -30°F to 200°F.
Choose your tubing -- a 10-foot sec-
tion of 3/8” dia, a 7-foot section of
1/2” dia, or a 5-foot section of 1” dia.
41527 3/8” Diameter Split Flex
41526 1/2” Diameter Split Flex
41528 1” Diameter Split Flex
Socket To Your Car
Put your car’s cigarette socket to use
with this fused socket splitter. Plug
it in and you have (2) female ciga-
rette sockets plus (2) USB ports
suitable for charging cell phones,
mp3 players, GPS devices and iPhones-Pods-Pads
and similar stuff. The box, on a 26” cord, is 3-3/4” x 2” x 1-1/4”
and has a power-on light. Includes a spare fuse and a small piece
of adhesive foam tape for dashboard mounting.
94608 Car Socket Splitter
Pigtail Jumper
A pigtail jumper sounds like someone
who'd get in trouble in middle school,
but it's just a 6", 16-3AWG cord that
has a grounded plug with an auxiliary
outlet at one end and a grounded
outlet at the other end. It's for con-
verting one outlet into two, or for plug-
ging in something that's too wide to fit in a
crowded power strip. How clever those Philips people are.
41195 Outlet Jumper
Clip Lead Set
Ten electrical leads with an alligator clip on each
end. Each lead is about 20" long, not counting
the 'gators. Vinyl coated 20-22 ga. wire with a
vinyl cover over each clip. They come in an
assortment of five colors with two leads in each
color. The manufacturer calls them heavy duty but
we would restrict them to the light currents and low voltages you
will be using in your home experiments. Our each is a set of (10).
11586 Aligator Clip Leads
11586P3 3-Pack SAVINGS!
Replacement Light Socket
Medium-base socket screws into an existing
socket, just like a standard light bulb, and has
a pull-chain plus (2) non-grounded outlets
on opposing sides. Adds outlets to a simple
light socket or repairs a broken pull-chain clos-
et light without re-wiring (only if the chain
broke while the bulb was lit, of course).
Measures 3-1/2" long.
41085 Socket With Outlets
Six-Way Flat Outlet
A handy space-saver, this 6-outlet tap
expands a double outlet (with grounded
plugs) to take (6) grounded plugs. In off-
white plastic, it measures 4-3/4" x 3-1/8" x
1-1/4" thick, with the outlets on the long
sides. The plugs run in the same direction,
along the long axis. Can also be flush-mounted if you remove the
existing wall plate, since it will take a long screw through to the
outlet threads (included). Rated for a maximum of 15A. Great for
behind furniture, TVs, etc. UL.
93661 Space Saving 6-Outlet Tap $4.95/each
Outlet Tap
Converts (1) grounded outlet to (3)
outlets, oriented so that the plugs you
add run along the wall, not perpendicu-
lar to it. In dark green, with a 15A max-
imum. Indoor use only. UL.
93926 3-Outlet Tap
Appliance Cord
To CJ it’s an 18-2 AWG IEC 60320-1 with a
C7/C8 coupler. To you it’s a black 6-foot
appliance cord with a plug at one end
and one of those figure-8 or shotgun con-
nectors at the other end (but with one side
squared to polarize it) like the ones for A/V
equipment, recorders, boom boxes and
other double-insulated gadgets. UL/CSA.
12725 Appliance Cord
A Snarl of Magnet Wire
One of those sharpie East Coast outfits
pulled a fast one on this poor naive
Midwestern dealer. The result is we have a
pile of exotic coated magnet wire. The coat-
ings and colors vary widely, as does the
gauge of the wire. With a couple of excep-
tions there isn’t enough of any one kind among the hundreds in the
pile to list separately. So we are offering an assortment and you get
whatever we grab. Either way you will get a terrific value, particu-
larly if you have an exotic application and get just what you need.
Even if you are just making a garden variety coil or electromagnet
you will still find the prices are very good. So go ahead, profit from
our misfortune. We are glad to be of service. Sigh.
36229 Magnetic Wire, 24 Ga.
36228 Magnetic Wire, 20 Ga.
36227 Magnetic Wire, 16 Ga.
Extend Yourself
Reach out and plug something. Try
this 15-foot 14-3 AWG gray appli-
ance cord (think window air
conditioner), for indoor use
only. From the American
Insulated Wire Corp. UL.
39787 15-Foot Appliance Cord
28 Clips
Mini-clips (aka alligator clips) let you
make your own low-voltage jumper
leads, or repair broken leads on test equip-
ment and chargers. The kit includes (2) 30
amp clips, (2) 25 amp clips, (2) 10 amp clips,
(6) 2" clips and (6) 1-1/2" clips, all of which are
insulated, plus (10) naked alligator clips.
92074 Clip Kit
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