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Sparkle & Fizz

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Item Number : 96684P1

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Sparkle & Fizz

If you crossed Tinkerbell with an Alka Seltzer tablet…. Never mind, we’re talking science here, but for younger folk, who still might need a little sparkle, fizzing or oozing to grab their interest. The Sorcery Science Kit has (2) plastic test tubes with screw caps, a stand, a little zinc sulfide, (6) color tablets, red cabbage juice powder, some polyacrylate copolymer, a “wand,” (2) diffraction stickers, and directions for (9) experiments for your potted Harry or Harriet. The Brain Bending Science Kit features oozing, fizzing, erupting and secret messages, and comes with (2) plastic test tubes with caps, a stand, (2) small scoops, straws, swabs, pipet, a little polyacrylate copolymer, (3) color tablets, red cabbage juice powder, corn starch and a 13-page booklet with (11) activities. Both are for ages 6+, and both require some common household stuff.