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So You Don’t Have To Do Geometry


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So You Don’t Have To Do Geometry

Working with curves? Of course you are. Or you will be someday. You need a gauge contour, and luckily for you, we just got a bunch of them. We’ll send you a pair of durable plastic JSK contour gauges, each with inch and centimeter measurements, and you’ll never again have to eye it or wing it by transferring a profile to a hunk of cardboard or piece of paper. In just under 10-inch and 5-inch sizes, these gauges are perfect for measuring pipes, circular frames, ducts and other curved objects when you’re fitting tile, carpet, molding or whatever. Also great for car body work, design and model-making of all kinds. This is the tool you didn’t know you needed until you had one. And we’ll send you (2) of them. Probably in the color of orange but don't hate us if it is another color.