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Hey, Jute...

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Hey, Jute...

Time ago, burlap bags're all over the place, child. Sisal sacks too. We used 'em to make sandbags, protect winterin' plants and keep down weeds, sew up scratchy britches, and collect frogs. Made dog beds out of 'em, fulla wood chips. Mama called 'em tote sacks or croker sacks, and daddy aluss kep' a few in the bed of the pick-up. 'Course daddy went and died and them plastic bags took over. Mama hated that. These here burlap bags used to have coffee inside and they say they're from lotta different countries and your'n might could be anywhere from about (3) to (4) foot long by 28" wide, good fer big dogs or small dogs-lotta frogs either way. We will grab 2 out of our pile and try to get you two different, but remember it's surplus, so you get what you get without throwing a fit.