One Step At A Time


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One Step At A Time

How about a really nice 4-lead stepper motor linear actuator? We thought so. This one is a roboticist's dream, and requires 570mA at 5VDC and features a 2-1/2" long 1/4” lead screw with a 3/4” long 3/16” ID U-joint at the end. Bipolar and non-captive. Measures 1-3/8" square x 1-5/16". But wait, there’s more: also has a 5-pin 5VDC 30mA encoder at the end. Everything is connected via a 14” wiring harness. Has (4) 3/32” mounting holes on the face. Whole shebang in made in the US of A. HSI Part# 35F4P-05-006. Encoder# E5S-1000-315-H.