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Carriage Motor


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Carriage Motor

You know how your printer carriage (the thing with the ink cartridges) zips back and forth like the Road Runner? This is the motor that drives it. From Igarashi (part #599030-005) it’s a reversible DC gear motor rated for 22VDC, drawing 90mA no load and stalling at 750mA. Spins approx 115 rpm, but will run on as little as 6VDC. At 12VDC it draws 40mA, stalls at 390mA and spins approx 62 rpm. Measures 2-3/4" long x 1-5/16" dia at the gearbox with a flattened shaft and (3) 3/16" mounting holes. Gearbox is easily removable. Has 3” leads with a Molex connector and a boot at the back end.