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Air-Tight Herb Jars


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Air-Tight Herb Jars

Now that herbs are being used more and more, we’re guessing some of you are adding seasoning to your lives. Point is, we have really nice, clear-glass jars with hinged, gasketed lock-down lids. Jars stand 3-1/4” tall x approx 1-1/2” dia and hold 2.4 oz, or 70ml for you Canadians. Jars have (12) different colorful trippy sticker designs on top; think skulls, rainbows with leaves, a certain time of day, a Mario-esque mushroom and many other designs more than likely to be found on a tie-dyed t-shirt. We’ll send one that won’t harsh your mellow.

Jarvis Says: Our latest batch is 5" tall not 3-1/4"! Bonus.