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The Stomp Rocket(tm) is an incredible toy you almost have to see and do yourself to believe. No battery or fuel required, just a good pair of gym shoes and the ability to jump onto the launch pad will send your rockets blasting 400 ft. into the sky at incredible speeds up to 100 mph! The launch, or 'Blast Pad' is a 4" x 8" rubber air 'box' with a 36" hose and 10" launch tube secured to an adjustable plastic tripod. Your rockets (four are included) are approx 7/8" dia x 9" long, made of bright yellow plastic, with soft rubber tips and fins. At first glance it looks like an OK toy, but preliminary 'right out of the box' tests showed that simply squeezing the blast pad by hand sent a rocket clear across our 25 ft. office. Needless to say, taking it outside and jumping on it made our jaws absolutely drop! Instructions suggest height and distance contests and even target practice (because of the fine adjustment achievable on the launcher tripod). Although shooting one into your hand right at the launch pad doesn't hurt, safety regulations are included along with the insistence of using safety goggles.