Zippy Hangers

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Zippy Hangers

If you crossed a coat hanger, suitcase grip and a (reusable) zip tie, you'd have created this staggeringly useful and devilishly clever new product. Hook versions have a 1-3/16" ID J-hook on a swivel that attaches to 14" long  or 18-1/2" long re-usable zip straps, both with a 22-lb max load. Hooks have holes so they can be wired shut. The handle-grip versions have a 4-5/8" x 1-5/8" grip that opens and snaps closed, attached by a swivel to 14" and 18-1/2" re-usable zip straps, both with 44-lb max loads. Handy for storing, carrying or installation. Small straps lock to a max of approx 4" dia; large straps approx 6" dia.