Wall Adapter

ADAPTER, 6.5VAC / 350mA / 5mm female plug

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Wall Adapter

There is an entire class of transformers that surplus dealers call "AC Adapters." What we really mean is transformers that plug directly into the wall (primary voltage 110 VAC), and via a cord and/or plug provide various levels of output current at variou s voltages. It is a rare buyer of surplus that gets the plug configuration he/she wants, and many get snipped off (plugs that is). They are handy power supplies, battery charging units, substitutes for batteries in toys and games, or for providing safe il lumination to models and displays. Be sure to note whether the output is AC or DC (Direct Current, like a battery) and whether it can provide enough current for your application. Unless otherwise noted, all are suitable for indoor use only. Stick with us and you'll get the hang of adapting to AC...and at much lower prices than your friendly appliance/game/computer/calculator shop asks. Unless otherwise noted, all adapters are for 115 volt AC primaries, and all have about 6 ft. cords. (MA=Milliamp) (A=Ampere) (VDC= Volts DC) (VAC= Volts AC).

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