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3 In 1 On Your Bench


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3 In 1 On Your Bench

Hey, electronics wizards! This home lab device has your name all over it. Actually, it has the Velleman® name all over it, but it’s an all-in-one workbench with a power supply, multimeter and soldering iron station. Gives us a little jolt just thinking about it! Has a footprint of 15” x 6” with a 1.5A regulated 3-12VDC power supply (2A peak), a digital multimeter that will read from 200 to 2M Ohm, AC from 0-200 or 0-600V, DC from 200MV to 600V and 200uA to 10A. Also tests diodes and transistors, plus continuity via a backlit 1-3/4" LCD, and a 24V 48W temp. controlled ceramic element soldering station has a variable 150°-450° Celsius (300°-840°F) range. Comes with a power cord, leads, iron stand, sponge and spare element. Tips are 1.6 mm round. A very solid piece of machinery in a compact package.