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The Purr-fect Tissue Dispenser


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The Purr-fect Tissue Dispenser

Cat lovers know litter boxes, but now, through the magic of modern design, we can all pull tissues straight out of a cat’s butt. Don’t act like you’re offended. Our Cat Butt Tissue Dispenser is a 5-1/2” cube (which fits a small cube tissue box) in super-classy golden yellow fuzz-fur with a cat’s head on one end and a raised tail on the other. Ironically, though, it’s you taking care of business every time you pull a tissue from that poop portal. Kitty’s gold and white face has whiskers and surprisingly realistic eyes. Lucky for you, they face forward so you don’t have to look at them while you’re ripping a tissue from that innocent little cat’s butt. The whole thing is 10” long overall, and if you can find brown tissue to hang out the back, we salute you. You think pulling tissues from a cat’s butt is gross? Wipe the boogers and snot off your face and then we’ll talk.