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Let There Be COB Light


Item Number : 70852P1

$7.50 EACH
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1 - 2 $7.50 ea.
3 - 10 $6.68 ea.

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Let There Be COB Light

Genesis, the 21st century version. We’re kind of not kidding because this is the guts of a super-intense warm white COB LED light fixture that is so bright it could stand in for the sun. Sorry, we got carried away. Let’s just say it’s insanely bright. Sun-like. Measures 3-3/8” dia with (12) 32VDC COB LED lights, clear or diffused cover lenses (our choice) which may need to be reglued and (4) mounting holes. You add the wiring and a cover. A single LED normally sells for $1.50 each. Do the math. Please mount on a proper heat sink, or your new lamp will go out in a blaze of glory. We recommend a dedicated LED driver or a power supply with a 500mA max output.