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Mirror, Mirror, On The Tree...


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Mirror, Mirror, On The Tree...

These strap-on mirrors were made to tie to car headrests to watch kiddies in rear-facing car seats, but if you’re kid-free or hate to intrude when they’re sucking their toes, we love these for camping. Tie one onto a tree and the forest is your boudoir. Measure 9-1/4" x 6-3/4" and adjust on a ball-socket arm, with straps that connect with molle buckles. They’re plastic and lightweight, so you can travel with them. Makeup mirror? Their convex-ness also makes them good for wide-angle jobs, like exposing the blind spots in the garage, or around back. And for your next costume party, strap one to your forehead, stick a tube of toothpaste in your mouth and go as a medicine cabinet.