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More Light, More Work Done


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More Light, More Work Done

This handy iZoom® worklight isn’t for your head or anyone else’s. It’s a worklight for the workshop or yard that has (2) heads, each at 2-7/8" dia x 15/16" thick. One has a single 3/4" dia 200-lumen COB LED with bright and brighter modes, and the other has a 100-lumen 1/4" COB LED with high and low modes, surrounded by (8) flashing red LEDs. Both heads are connected to a 2-1/2” x 1-1/2" mount via ball-and-socket joints, with clutches so you can lock them in position or remove them. Heads have disc magnets, and swiveling J-hooks, and so does the mount, which also has another magnet on the bottom. Positions and light combinations abound. Weather-resistant, and comes with (6) “AAA” batteries. Turn it on and put it to work as soon as it’s out of the package.