Train The Next Tesla


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Train The Next Tesla

Inventing with Electronics--for Beginners, is an electronics and coding kit from MakeXchange®, and is rightly described as “a starter lab for inventors of the future.” Includes an arduino-compatible microcontroller, 400-port breadboard, 2GB thumb drive, USB cable, (80) jumper cords, a dozen each of red, green and yellow LEDs, (10) RGB LEDs, (25) each of 330 and 10K Ohm resistors, a 6-AA battery holder, (10) push-button switches, (5) trimmer pots, a piezo buzzer, temp sensor, (4) each NPN and PNP transistors, (12) diodes, a shift register, (2) DC motors, a servo motor, screws, nuts, driver and a 62-page manual with (14) projects. All in a nice book-shaped box that’s designed to close and hold your project in place, keeping parts from falling out or getting lost.