Outta My Way!

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Outta My Way!

Both of our classic bike accessories are LED-free, battery-free, and happily wireless. The large Bee-brand steel bicycle bell is 2-1/2" dia, clamps onto a tube up to 1" dia, and has a thumb lever to make it go Briiiiiiiiinnnng, Briiiiiiiiiinnnng! Our retro bike horn has two tones (one while squeezing, the other while the bulb inhales). The tone is much more a Clarabellian quack (search the Web for Howdy Doody if you're too young to remember Clarabell) than a deep Harpo Marxian (ditto) honk. Measures 8" long with a 2-3/8" bell and a rubber bulb that will be either red, black, or purple. Includes a removable handlebar mount.