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Electric Styro Knife


Item Number : 93201P1

$22.95 EACH

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Electric Styro Knife

"Screeeeeek! Screeeeeek! Screeeeeek!" Recognize that? It's the sound of someone sawing a styro-foamal block. It's followed by the sound of a vacuum sucking up hundreds of little foam shards. Free yourself from both with this clever electric hot-knife that slides through those chunks of craft foam like a straight razor through a ripe mango. Perfect for carving foam blocks into shapes - or smaller blocks. Measures 10" long OA with a 4-3/4" long, needle-like cutting wand, heats up to 410°F (so be careful), and makes screeeek-free and shardless cuts. Has a 7-foot cord, line switch, safety stand, and wall-outlet adapter.