See It Again, Sam


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See It Again, Sam

A Sherlock Holmes-type magnifying glass is good, but this is better. It frees your hands and throws light on the subject! This 120-volt magnifying desk lamp has a white or black (our choice) heavy 7-3/8" x 5-1/2" x 2" base with a power switch, standard lamp cord, and 11" gooseneck ending in a 5-1/4" dia shade. Under the shade is a circular fluorescent bulb and a 3-3/8" dia lens with a flip-back cover. The box says the lens is 5X, we think it's closer to 2X. Either way, it's a major improvement if you need help to examine scientific specimens, to inspect stamps or jewelry, or just to read. And we won't even talk about how your nail care is going to improve after you see your cuticles under this thing!