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We love these! You're going to love these! Your kids are going to love these! Hundreds of clear marble-sized bubbles can cover the floor, cling to the sides of furniture, land on your arm. They float enchantingly, rising on air currents you can't even feel. After a few seconds, the bubbles are hard enough to catch or stack. Some will still be perched in out-of-the-way spots a day later. Touchabubbles goop, thicker than the bubble-blowing liquid you're familiar with, comes in a 4" plastic test tube with a wand built into the cap, and a clip on the side so you can carry it in a shirt pocket. The goop is nontoxic, but it tastes really bad, and you probably won't want these landing on expensive tabletops, so kids under 8 should have adult help with them. They should be sharing the fun anyway!