1600 LUMEN Smart Flashlight


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1600 LUMEN Smart Flashlight

Yes, of course from i-Zoom. One of our best sellers, this all-purpose everyday workhorse has a super-bright white LED that focuses from ultra-wide to a tight spotlight, with settings at high (1600 lumens), medium (435 Lumens) and low (118 lumens), plus strobe and an emergency mode that flashes SOS in Morse code (…_ _ _ …). Strobe and SOS are both at 1600 lumens and have a max throw of approx 1500 feet. In black anodized aluminum with knurled handle, a personal security tactical head and weatherproof O-rings; the whole shebang and measures 10-1/4” long x 1” dia at the handle. Includes (9) “AAA” alkaline batteries with a 10-hour lifespan. We suggest keeping one in the car, on the boat, with your camping/hiking gear and elsewhere.