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We got a great deal on a bunch of plastic bottle-type things that were meant to be bases/reservoirs for citronella oil lamps. We got 12 oz. bottles, we got 2 oz. bottles. Of course, none of them have stoppers or wick doobies, but they all have 1" ID mouths that take a #6 stopper or #13 cork, and if you weren't a creative person you wouldn't be reading this catalog. OK, here we go: The 12 oz. jugs are straight-sided, 3-3/8" dia., and come in assorted colors, some clear, some seasonal designs. We choose. The 2 oz. jugs are 2-1/4" high and flare from a 1-1/2" dia. base to 1-7/8" dia. at the shoulder, and come in our choice of transparent colors.