A 10 On The Scale Scale!


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A 10 On The Scale Scale!

Do these pants make your apple look fat? Plop your fruits, veggies, meats, pastas, candies, crackers, eggs, salad dressings, wine, beer and whatever else on the Nutra Track™ Mini Nutrition Digital Scale. It’ll tell you how many calories (also: salt, protein, fat, carbs, cholesterol and fiber) you’re about to injest--or it’ll just weigh the stuff, which doesn’t have to be food. Has (160) common food codes printed under its tempered glass top, and you can program more, for a total of (999). But it’s also just a great digital scale that weighs anything up to 5kg/11lbs in 1g/.1-oz increments. Compact, at 10” x 6” with a 4-3/8” LCD, and comes with a 24-page booklet plus (3) AAA batteries. From Mackie Scientific.