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You A Rocket Man Or Woman?

NASA Logo Stickers

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You A Rocket Man Or Woman?

We love NASA and so do you, or someone you love does. And with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this year (July 20), why not show your support by sticking a bunch of classic NASA “meatball” logos on your stuff? You know the one--the blue sphere and white stars with the NASA name in white, a red chevron slashing through it and a white orbiting swirl wrapping it all together. You’ll get (15) logo stickers in 1” dia ; a 3-1/2” logo sticker; a 3-1/2” window cling logo; and a good, old-fashioned 10" x 2-3/4" white bumper sticker with the logo and the following phrase: “IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! (OH, WAIT, YES IT IS!)”. Hard not to love that aerospace-engineer humor.