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Twelve-year old Tommy is a whiz with kits and models—but who knows which one he wants? Tommy’s teacher creates great art and craft projects—but who knows what off-the-wall materials will inspire her? And Grandpa Sam! Who knows what motors or bearings or resistors or piezo speakers he wants? Or what in tarnation he wants them for? Doesn’t matter! Give them all gift certificates! Just select whatever combination adds up to the amount of the gift you want to give, for mail orders include the name of the recipient (write extra legibly, please). We’ll send you or him or her one of these handy gifts, complete with our signature sketch of Jarvis. (No charges for shipping and handling on a gift certificate, but those will be charged on the order against which the certificate is redeemed.) To redeem your gift certificate online, please email us your order number and the gift certificate number, and we will apply it to your order. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: Orders containing just gift certificates and no other items will ship out via First Class mail. Contact us for other shipping options on gift certificates. Thanks! 

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Jarvis Mugs
Devoted surpies and the scientifically minded everywhere can be seen sipping their hot beverages from these staggeringly impressive white ceramic mugs with our name, web address, slogan and an inspirational picture of Jarvis on the side. Each holds 11 oz of liquid, dozens of pencils, or (372) button-cell batteries, not included.
$4.95 PKG (2)
If you’re a surplus groupie, if you think Jarvis sits at the right hand of St. Peter, if you can see our initials without tittering, you should be flaunting your devotion – drinking out of our white, 11 oz coffee mug and wearing our soft T-shirts, all with the likeness of Jarvis (our flying mascot), our corporate name and our inspiring tag line, “Incredible Stuff, Unbelievable Prices.” We have thoughtfully ordered the shirts in gray, the best color to wear when digging for surplus treasure. The T-shirts are 98% cotton, and will shrink. Order accordingly. Don’t just sit there – Jarvisize your wardrobe. 
$11.50 EACH
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! Mystery boxes of stuff like what you see in the catalog. Maybe we had a little left but not enough to continue the listing. Maybe we only got a few as part of an odd lot. Maybe we lost some, and just found them in the warehouse. You will get items which originally listed for at least $25.00 total in our catalog (or would have, if we had enough). You pick. The “electro-mechanical” box has things like motors, switches, hardware and components that are useful parts but want to be worked into something bigger. The “consumer” box has more ready-to-go   type items, and things that don’t have as technical a flavor, like bottles, toys, books, and giant  rubber bands. The fun is in the mystery and surprise. Perfect if you don’t know what to give Aunt Maude and Uncle Ned, or if you can’t decide how to bring your order up to the minimum. Every couple of months the contents will keep changing, so even if you have gotten a box before, feel free to order again! (Please note: Ordering multiple boxes at the same time will result in duplicate items.)
$10.00 EACH
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