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Hey, Jute...

$7.50 PKG (2)
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Hey, Jute...
Time ago, burlap bags're all over the place, child. Sisal sacks too. We used 'em to make sandbags, protect winterin' plants and keep down weeds, sew up scratchy britches, and collect frogs. Made dog beds out of 'em, fulla wood chips. Mama called 'em tote sacks or croker sacks, and daddy aluss kep' a few in the bed of the pick-up. 'Course daddy went and died and them plastic bags took over. Mama hated that. These here burlap bags used to have coffee inside and they say they're from lotta different countries and your'n might could be anywhere from about (3) to (4) foot long by 28" wide, good fer big dogs or small dogs-lotta frogs either way.
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Packable Pack
Super lightweight red nylon day pack, perfect for packing on vacation or for regular kiddie use. Measures 17” x 11” x 5-1/4” when unfurled with 30” adjustable straps. Has an integral carrying pouch on the inside top, so it can get completely inside itself (which is more than we can do) into a neat 5-1/2” square bundle. Zippered top closure.
$7.95 EACH
Kit, First Aid, Militarish
From Mil-Spec™, these GI-style cotton canvas first aid pouches measure 7-1/2" long x 5-1/4" square with a double hook-and-loop flap inside, and outer buckle and strap flap, plus an adjustable 26" shoulder strap. Fronts have a Red Cross-style cross and "Kit, First Aid" in white. You pick the olive drab or digital camo version.
$7.50 EACH
Stylish Skinny Sacks
These paper sacks were headed for some pretentious bistro, but we picked them up first because we liked the size and shape. Each sack is white with red and green accents,14" x 4-1/2", with pleated sides that open to 1-3/4". Just right for a lot of different things, once you get past the "Food to Go" printed on it.
$4.95 PKG (100)
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