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Okay, they’re just strips of metal, but CJ says one of each and a grapefruit will get you at least a “C” at the science fair. The copper electrode is 100mm long x 18mm wide  x .8mm thick (3.94" x .7" x .041”). The zinc electrode is 4” long x 3/4” wide x .027” thick and stamped “ZN”. And both of them are awfully useful for crafters and jewelry makers, too.
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Cow Skin By The Pound
Leather scraps, very assorted. Each 2-lb sack will have mostly small and a few larger pieces, from 4" x 16" down to 6" x 1-1/2", more or less and give or take, in odd shapes. Think coin purses and bracelets, not belts. Maybe a jacket for a hipster gerbil. Colors are cow-like in light and dark browns (and maybe even white if you're lucky). You get (2) pounds total.
$7.50 PKG (2)
Sheets Of Pseudo Silver
Surplus - with a silver lining! We have almost half a hundred rolls of 18-1/2" wide mylar film, the shiny side printed with a variety of balloon designs - happy birthday, happy retirement, happy other things - and a matte silver finish on the other (picture the two sides of aluminum foil). We'll send you a roll of 20 ft. Lots of craft-project potential. Start with a shiny birthday kite. Move onto hand-made hair scrunchies. Jim suggests wrapping yourself in it if your car stalls in the Arctic. Philip, always the adventurer, is considering a do-it-yourself dirigible.
$3.25 PKG (20)
New Hope For The Messy
Go ahead, get sloppy. Cleanup is a snap with our white plastic hairdressers' cape, 71" x 52" with a hole for your head; or the general-purpose white plastic dropcloth which measures 5-feet square, with no hole for your head or anything else. Both are about the thickness of a standard trash bag. Great for the classroom, art projects, touching up around the house, hairstyling and home-based DIY buzz cuts.
$3.50 PKG (5)
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