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$11.95 EACH
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The manufacturer calls it the Thunder Tube". We call it indispensable for the amateur Foley operator. It's a 7" long x 2-1/2" dia PVC tube with a resonant head at one end attached to a 17" long x 3/16" dia extension spring. Shake it, scrape it, wiggle it, use your palm to muffle it and you generate creaks, deep warbles, rumbles, weird heterodyne-ish gong effects, wa-wa's, rude noises, and, yes, realistic thunder. A perfect musical companion to your cuica and rain stick--and good, clean fun around the house. Don't make a sound-track without it.
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Quivering Dashboard Zombie
Nothing says motoring fun like a zombie on the dashboard. He's green, he's quivering, he's undead, and he sticks to your dash! We're especially fond of the spring-attached head and arms which shake just like a real zombie. About 5-5/8" tall with a partially exposed brain
$7.95 EACH
Who Says Chickens Can't Fly?
The possibilities are endless. You get a set of (4) stuffed rubber chickens, 8" long and in (4) different, but chickenlike, skin tones, plus an 8-3/4" dia target to toss them at. Throw the target on the ground then fling, roll, or bounce the chickens toward it. Sort of chicken bocce, or poultry petanque. Includes game ideas and a score pad! In between chicken-throwing seasons, they make a mighty nice display lined up on the mantle.
$19.95 EACH
Look, Up In The Sky...
It's one of the Sky Ripperz, our super-zippy 11" long slingshot rockets. Fire it from its very own rubber-cord launcher and watch it soar up to 250 feet. Has a foam nose to prevent serious damage and an on-board whistle to add to its rocketishness. You'll receive (1) rocket in a suitably speed enhancing color and (1) launcher to provide the needed propulsion. Carl uses his to shoot in orders for burrito deliveries (bean, extra cheddar), but he lives really close to a Taco Horn.
$8.95 EACH
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