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Soldering Gun in a Jar

$4.95 EACH
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Soldering Gun in a Jar
Wire glue-the solution when you can't find the soldering iron, don't want to bother, are out in the woods, don't quite trust a fifth-grader with a hot gun, can't reach the connection with both hands, whatever. This stuff conducts low voltage AC and DC circuits in a permanent bond and is easy to use. Our high-tech support group suggests that a toothpick is a good way to apply it. Cures overnight. Our each is a 0.3 oz/9ml jar.
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Wood You Like Some Glue?
Do you ever wish that we’d stop with all the bad puns? We wood if we could. Meanwhile, you’ll get (2) squeezable bottles, each with 120 grams, which is just under 4-1/4 oz, of standard run-of-the-shop white wood glue. The old standy. Old reliable. Bottle has a wedge applicator for ease of spreading.
$3.95 PKG (2)
Cow Glue Fantastico
Or Vaca Pegamento. This all-purpose Elmer’s® Super Glue in a 3-gram tube is in all Spanish packaging, so you learn something while you work. Pegalo Todo (stick it all) with this Pegamento Instantaneo (instant glue), good for metal, ceramico, porcelano, plastico and a bunch of other things. Why so cheap? Because you have to know Spanish to read the package. De nada.
$2.50 EACH
A Little Bit Of Superiority
Face it: you use a new tube of super glue every time you need to fix something. Us too, so don’t feel bad. Instead, buy the smallest loctite® tubes you can, which would be these, a teensy 0.03 oz each, which is still enough to glue anything. The size of these tubes means less waste, but they do have resealable caps if you want to continue to kid yourself. Our each is (3) tiny tubes.
$2.95 EACH
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