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The Perfect Stapler


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The Perfect Stapler

They’re going to steal this in a heartbeat, so lock it in your desk. The PaperPro is the first engineering breakthrough in staplers since, well, the stapler. Push it with one finger’s worth of effort and a spring-loaded mechanism (like a center punch) drives the staple with 30 lbs of force through up to (20) sheets of paper. Doesn’t even feel like it stapled, but it’s foolproof. Use as a hand-held or desk stapler. Opens for use as a staple gun, and with as much power. Takes standard 26/6 staples and comes with (1) rack of them. Measures 7” long x 3-7/8” x 1-1/2” wide, in sleek and elegant black. 

Loading Instructions:

  1. Flip the stapler upside down and open the base away from the body.
  2. Pull the magazine pusher back to expose the staple channel.
  3. Drop the staples into the magazine channel with the points facing up. 
  4. Push the magazine pusher until you hear it click shut.