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Vegetable Hook


Item Number : 23733P10

$2.50 PKG (10)

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Vegetable Hook

Large plastic hook, pointed on one end, blunt on the other. We have no idea what it was made for. Some suggest a meat hook in a pet food factory, which the shape supports. But the red or white plastic suggests not. Maybe it is for veggies? A loyal reader is convinced that it goes over a door and bananas are hung from it. Sounds good to us. The blunt end is shaped to hang over a square beam, 1-1/4" or so thick. The other pointy end, when the hook is so hung, will be 3" from the beam top, and will point out 3" and up @ about 15°. The whole is made of 3/8" dia plastic rod. You figure out what to do with it.