Is There A Breeze In This Pillow?


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Is There A Breeze In This Pillow?

Billy says that there’s nothing worse than a hot pillow, and nothing better than a soothing fan to lull you to sleep. So of course you will want our Breezy Buddy pillow, which stays cool because it has a built-in fan! Approx 15” x 5” x 5”, roughly log-shaped and canvas-wrapped with a mesh-covered foam cushion in the middle, the pillow has a fan on each end, gently blowing soothing air across your neck. Use the pillow in a chair, on the beach, in a tent, at the pool or in your own cozy bed at home. Has an adjustable handle for carrying, and the canvas cover is removable and washable. You add (4) “C” batteries. In Red, Blue or Tan. Our choice but if you email us we won't object to picking you out a special color.