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Who is Jarvis

Our faithful mascot, our constant source of inspiration, is Jarvis, otherwise known as the Muse of Technology. He's the adventurous- looking guy with the flying contraption (a.k.a. "jopter," short for Jarvis helicopter) attached to his back. As our official logo, Jarvis looks as he is on the right. But, free spirit that he is, he keeps flying off on missions of his own choosing. While he is out inspiring customers with ideas for using our incredible stuff (at unbelievable prices) all we can do is show you a quick picture of what he is up to:

Here is what we caught Jarvis up to on a few of his most recent exploits.

As you surf our Web site, perhaps you, too, will experience Jarvis. Watch out--our Spirit of Invention just might flash your brain! And then you'll have no choice but to construct, tinker, craft, create, fix, learn...