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Bluetooth Hockey Puck


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Bluetooth Hockey Puck

Shaped like a thick hockey puck, this outstanding Bluetooth® speaker won’t knock your teeth out (like a real hockey puck) but it might blow your mind. Rechargeable and portable, the speaker measures 2-1/2” dia x 1-1/2” thick in dark blue with the logo of the bank whose name adorns a hockey rink in Our Nation's Capital. Feel free to cover it up, like the Blackhawks fans in our office did. Rechargeable batteries are lithium, which is better, and it charges via the included USB to micro-USB cord. Comes with a microphone, microSD card slot, volume control, play/pause/phone selector, and next-song feature. Sounds good enough for Paul to drown out Pat's ambient Australian heavy metal holiday music. Priced at half the MSRP and is perfect for the pool, park or cubicle.