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Suck It Up


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Suck It Up

Nobody will ever call you Dusty again if you're wielding this Roan Model S7250 dust-collecting circular saw. Has a self-contained chamber to collect 90% of dust and particles down to 2 microns with no hoses or vacuum attachments. Designed for PVC, fiber cement, Hardie siding, OSB, wood and other materials, it uses a 7-1/4" blade (not included), tilts up to 45 degrees, and cuts to a 90-degree depth of 2-1/4". The blade guard returns halfway then slows, we're not sure if the spring is too stiff, too loose or if it's a design feature, but we bet it's why it's surplus. Includes a Lydall HMWP filter designed to last the life of the saw in a chamber large enough to go 50-60 cuts before emptying. Corded to run on AC power. The saw’s new, in the box -- but it’s priced at half the original retail price, Dusty. Get extra filters here. Click