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Titanium Flatware
Sterling silver is so over. Today's bride is picking this modern pattern of a pure titanium fork, knife and spoon in a matte gray finish, so it's equally at home in the forest or dining room. Won't tire you out eating or weigh down the backpack at a mere 14 grams per piece. Measure 6" long and they come on a small titanium carabiner. Matte finish makes for a sure grip, too. You should probably get a service for 12.
$24.95 EACH
Pick Your Metal Detector
Metal detectors by Bounty Hunter® to fit your needs!  The kid-sized Bounty Hunter Junior is 31-1/2” long overall, but loaded with professional features. It includes a 6-1/2” dia detector coil, ballistic meter, controls for power/sensitivity and target elimination (which helps eliminate iron, for example). Also has an audible proximity sensor that works in tandem with the meter. The manufacturer says it will find coin-sized objects up to 5” deep and larger ones up to 2 feet deep. Or move up to the 2.8 lb Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, with a padded arm support and cushioned hand grip, and an overall length that can be adjusted from 45” to 52”. Its fully automatic Ground-Trac® constantly adjusts to scan through dirt, rock, wood and mud, and the 8” dia open-face search coil is completely submersible. It has three-mode discrimination (all metal, tone and full); a sensitivity control that filters interference; a large ballistic meter; and an internal speaker that works with or without headphones (not included). It will find small objects up to 8” deep and larger ones up to 3 feet deep. Each comes with a well-written instruction manual, and requires a pair of 9V batteries (not included).
$119.95 EACH
Lensatic Compass
How to shoot an azimuth for fun and profit: Get the ultimate direction finder, a lensatic compass. It has a 2-1/8" dia face marked in 5-degree increments, a 1/4" dia sight lens, 9/16" dia bubble level, and a 1-1/2" sight with crosshairs. Measures 3-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 1-1/8" when folded and comes with an 18" long cord and an olive drab belt pouch. For instructions, go to, click on "prep for basic" then "land navigation," then click on "determine a magnetic azimuth using a lensatic compass." Piece o' cake.
$14.95 EACH
Emergencies Make Us Cranky
When the lights go out, and everything else goes with them, grab this dynamo light, radio, siren and power source. The am/fm radio has an antenna; the flashlight switches from (1) to (3) LEDs, all through collimating lenses; and there are both a 1/8" headphone jack and a 3.5mm power output jack, plus a 22" USB jumper cord. All this in a packable 7-1/2" long x 2" dia hand-crank flashlight-shaped unit with a recharging storage battery.
$17.95 EACH
Call A Bulgarian Medic!
We don't get a lot of Bulgarian military surplus, but frankly if we were enlisting as medics, we'd pick Bulgaria just to carry these extremely cool hard-shell cases. Measure 12-5/8" x 10" x 5" closed with dual 43" adjustable straps, neck and waist (the latter are removable). Open, the front drops to reveal a pair of 12" wide compartments, one 4-3/8" deep x 12" divided in two and the other 4-1/2" x 12" x 9-1/2" tall on the back wall and 5-1/4" tall on the front. Inside has some leather pen-hypodermic slots in it. The front has a red cross patch sewn on. Covered in leatherish vinyl in dark to olive green depending on how much sun it's seen.
SALE $17.50 EACH
WAS $19.50 EACH
SAVE $2.00 (10%)
The Get-Up & Go Cane
Call it the cane plus. Works like a standard folding cane (folds to 16”) but with an additional rotating handle below the top one, so you can use both hands to help rise from a chair. Both handles are 4” long, and the top one has a 3-LED light facing forward for added safety. Adjusts from 32” to 36” and has a 4-footed 4-3/4” base so it will stand alone. Comes with (2) replaceable coin-cell batteries in the handle for the light. Marked for a max 250 lbs.
$19.50 EACH
Float Like A Norski…
bob like a Viking. Strap on this Norwegian government-approved life vest, originally from a cruise ship and never used, we hope. For folks over 70 lbs, it has front pads with hook-and-loop closures, neck and shoulder pads, nylon sleeves, a quilted hood, diaper flap with molle buckle belt and a similar waist belt. In survival orange, it measures approx 22” long x 20” wide, not counting the hood or flap.
$24.50 EACH
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Showing 10 - 16 of 16 Incredible Things
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