At Long Last, Hands-Free Soup


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At Long Last, Hands-Free Soup

The under-powered can opener we call it. This electric can opener takes (2) "AA" batteries but is as weak as the old "My dog ate my homework" excuse, so we suggest using it for parts instead of trying to open cans of soup with it. Or better yet, find a way to add another "AA" Battery. It has great parts either way. A six-way set of meshing gears and arms, a 3VDC 90mA/220mA motor that spins approx 5K (torqued out), and two-piece plastic case. Great for DIYers, hobbyists, small-motor heads or thin cans of soup. Not sold as a working kitchen can opener. 

Teacher Alert! At this price makes a great school project to show the inner gear workings of a gadget!